To put it in simple terms, blogging is a great way to organically attract users to
your website.
When you organically attract users, this means that users naturally stumble
upon your website, rather than learning about your business through paid
The easiest way to organically attract users is by creating content
with words and phrases that match commonly searched terms —
keywords— that relate to your industry.
For example, let’s say we run a home
appliance repair company in Tucson.
If we create a blog post on our website
titled “Common Causes of a Broken
Washing Machine,” and sprinkle the blog
post with phrases such as “washing
machine repair in Tucson” or “Tucson
appliance services,” then our company
website is going to pop up when people in
Tucson use the internet to search for
someone who fixes washing machines.
To help you achieve free exposure for your business, we’ve put
together this free 30-day action plan to help you start and maintain
a successful company blog.
So are you ready to dive in?
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