Mobile application migration from one developer account to the next should not keep you up at night, when you have a digital partner that understand your technology stack and the impact it has for your customer. Simply put your digital assets might be the life blood of your business.
Cxdesigns will work with you to understand all moving parts prior to starting the app migration.

Things to keep in mind when taking ownership of you application from an agency or freelancer.
1. Most important of all, partner with a company like Cxdesigns, experienced with business digital assets migration, to partner with you to uncover dependencies
2. have an Ios or Android developer account to serve as the destination of the app transfer
3. Think about whether you need to migrate the marketing website that may contain landing pages for legal content such as your support page, terms and condition and privacy url. Without these link Apple may reject any future app updates to the app store
4. Think about whether you need the migrate the application back end infrastructure, this is a good time to evaluate cloud hosting provider cost
5. Identify and list all the dependencies, and understand their impact to decide and or trim part of your system you may not use
6. Set a time line for the migration
7. Complete the dependencies migration and test existing business processes are up and running
8. Relax with a cold brew!

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