Based out of Atlanta Ga, CXDESIGNS brings years of experience writing testing automation scripts that we easily integrate part of your CI/CD Pipeline, hence automation. We ensure services and front end views are tested and gracefully reacts by best practice user interface experience designs guidelines.
Simplifying QA Automation & Software Testing
Testing software products thoroughly is crucial for ensuring reliability, high performance, and security. It not only reduces deployment timelines and development costs but also enhances client satisfaction. At CXDESIGNS, we offer comprehensive software testing and QA services to ensure that your mission-critical software meets the highest standards of quality, performance, usability, and security.
We employ a variety of test automation tools and processes to streamline the testing process and ensure efficiency. By leveraging automation, we can effectively test your software, identify potential issues, and provide timely resolutions.​​​​​​​
Our team of skilled QA engineers brings extensive experience working with various application types. Whether it's ERPs, CRMs, financial software, supply chain management systems, or more, we have the expertise to handle diverse software testing requirements.
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