Recommended SEO checklist
Here’s a quick primer on SEO. SEO is divided primarily into three categories:
1. Technical factors
Optimizing a website to make it easier for search engines to crawl and index (speed, redirects, directives).
2. On-page factors
Optimizing factors on the web page for search engines and users to easily make sense of their content (titles, meta descriptions, search intent).
3. Off-page factors
Optimizing for how search engines and users perceive your site’s experience, expertise, trustworthiness, and authority (E-E-A-T, incoming links, socials).
Google has over 200 ranking factors, divided into these three groups. Feel free to dive into the 200 here (some of these are speculative, so use your own judgment).
Yes, it can get tedious and confusing. All in all, what I can say is that if you have these three principles as your guiding light, everything will fall into place:
Relevant, informative content that fulfills search intent;
Smooth and fast user experiences; and
High site authority and reputation.
For a 3 to 5 pages website we recommend our starter packages (6 months contract minimum)
SEO Strategy & Analytics
A campaign without clear goals that inform a comprehensive SEO strategy will lack the power it needs to propel a website to the top spots in search results. Our SEO Strategy & Analytics services combine everything from strategic goal setting to project management, Google Analytics set up, and goal tracking.
Keyword Research Services
Keyword research is at the heart of every campaign. It drives the strategy for page prioritization and the allocation of campaign resources. This area of discipline covers everything from identifying core keyword themes to expanding topical authority. Ongoing keyword research builds momentum for winning campaigns.
For a 5 to 10 pages or more website we recommend our premium packages (6 months contract minimum)
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SEO Audit Services
Unlike other SEO marketing firms, our SEO agency won’t start an audit without doing extensive keyword research first. Why? A research-informed audit is laser-focused on the goals of a specific SEO campaign. This service category includes everything from a 200+ point technical audit to backlink analysis and international SEO.
On-Page SEO Services
Sometimes called “on-site” services, this discipline covers all search optimizations implemented directly on site pages. This type of SEO includes meta tag optimizations, conversion rate improvement, and featured snippet optimization.
Off-Page SEO Services
Also referred to as "off-site" SEO, this category includes activities to improve search performance that aren't implemented on a site itself. Examples include link building, Google Business optimization, and app store optimization.
SEO Content Services
If SEO is the vehicle that drives organic traffic, then SEO content is the fuel. This type of content is distinct from your broader content marketing activities. Our SEO consultation agency's content offerings include deliverables like SEO content creation, enrichment for existing content, and strategic briefs for your writing team.
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